Traditional Lipo

Tumescent Liposuction.

Liposuction is used to remove local fat accumulation when there are no other methods available to lose unwanted fat and achieve the body you’ve always desired.


Tumescent (vacuum) is a type of liposuction performed to remove fat accumulation under local anesthesia with the use of a micro-cannula. This type of liposuction is widely used in plastic surgery, as it causes fewer complications and makes the overall recovery faster.  With tumescent liposuction, large amounts of fluid are injected into the fat deposits. The technology uses epinephrine and lidocaine, providing local anesthesia. Under the influence of the solution, adipose tissue softens and makes the process of pumping easier. Tumescent liposuction causes less bleeding, bruising, and post-operative scars. Patients are often discharged on the same day, and full recovery takes about two weeks.

To be a good candidate, one must be:

-    18 years of age or older.

-    In good general health.

-    Be within 30% of your ideal weight.

-    Non-smoker for faster recovery.

You will see the difference within a few days or weeks. The final results can be seen in about one to three months after the surgery.

Ultrasonic Liposuction.

Ultrasonic liposuction, or Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, is also widespread due to the effectiveness of the method. This operation uses ultrasound to destroy fat tissue. The benefit of ultrasonic liposuction is focused on the effects of the ultrasound on fat cells, with minimal risk of damage to other tissues and skin lifting effect.
Ultrasonic liposuction helps to reduce stubborn fat and smooth your body contour. It’s ideal for targeted areas such as love handles or abdominal fat where no exercise or dieting is effective anymore. Ultrasonic lipo is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Areas where this procedure can really help include:
 Waistline
 Hips and Thighs
 Buttocks
 Upper Arms
Together with fat reduction and improved body shape, it provides improved blood circulation, tighter skin and overall enhanced self-confidence.

Laser Liposuction.

Laser liposuction uses the same method as ultrasonic liposuction, but instead of an ultrasound, a laser is used. Also, the laser process seals blood vessels during the process, reducing the risk of swelling, bleeding, and hemorrhaging. This procedure may also enhance skin tightening. Trough tiny incisions, a cannula is introduced to put in a tumescent solution that is used for numbing the area and providing water for the laser to work. The laser melts away fat deposits causing them to become more liquefied which makes it much easier to suction out and remove from the body. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.
Most patients return home a couple of hours after the procedure. You may experience some bruising or swelling. Within a week or two, you should be back at your normal activities. You will see a result relatively quickly which will get even better over the course of several weeks.

Power-assisted liposuction uses a pneumatic vibration device, and is often used for removing large accumulations of fat from the back, hips, and buttocks, as well as removing the male breasts. The operation involves a combination of the tumescent technique and vibration method.

Cool Lipo.

Cool Sculpting uses a patented method of controlled freezing in order to reduce the number of fat cells. This process is absolutely safe for the skin and other tissues, because it is directed exclusively to fat cells. Once the cells are processed, they are gradually removed from the body by metabolic processes and, consequently, the fat fold at the treated area decreases. The procedure does not require anesthesia or pain killers. It is suitable for all types of skin and is associated with minimal risk of discomfort.