California – a heavenly place to stay. Everyone comes to California to make their dreams a reality. If you dream of staying young and healthy, then California is for you. Los Angeles offers a variety of recreational activities – all in one day you can walk down Hollywood Boulevard, shop on the famous Rodeo Drive, or take a ride on a yacht to watch the sunset on Malibu Beach. And this is just one day in the life of Los Angeles. Here, there is a pleasant pastime for everyone; no matter what you enjoy, you can find it here. If we have not yet convinced you, come and see for yourself.

Los Angeles

Who does not like to gamble? Las Vegas is just hours away by car or a plane ride away. This city never ceases to amaze with its beauty and originality. It will blow you away with its energy, fun, laughter, and joyful feelings. New casinos and hotels appear every six months and surpass the beauty of each other. The best restaurants, shows, designer boutiques, clubs, and spas all come together in this city. And if you want to slow down a bit, or simply relax in a change of scenery, then how about a quiet dinner at the Grand Canyon? And this is not the limit of fantasy!


Imagine London, Sydney, or Buenos Aires – great food, great shopping, great culture. Now reduce it all to 30 km2, remove the extra traffic and noisy crowded streets, leave a pedestrian friendly and unique architecture, add a little bit of California wine that is worthy of third place in the world (running against the French and Spanish wines) picturesque mountains, valleys, and endless sandy beaches, and do not forget the luxury hotels and first class restaurants! Welcome to the American Riviera: Santa Barbara. Regardless of your affections, there is always some entertainment for everyone, from active water sports and excursions, to the best wineries and breweries, allowing you to become acquainted with the culture and architecture of the city, cuisines, and shopping.

santa barbara

If you want to play blackjack in the mountains – please! Those who do not want to choose between nature and gambling, must certainly visit the Alpine Lake Tahoe. In Lake Tahoe, you can enjoy services provided by 5-star hotels, casinos, restaurants, clubs, spas, as well as all kinds of water sports, fishing, golf, and luxury ski resorts in the winter.