brazilian but lift

Brazilian Buttock Lift is the best way to increase the shape of buttocks by means of an autologous fat transplantation. Fat injections provide a natural result, have low levels of risk of infection, and more clearly delineate the shape of the buttocks. The lower back and thighs can also be modified to further emphasize convex contours of the buttocks.

Buttock augmentation with fat grafting, a procedure known as the “Brazilian Buttocks Lift” consists of two stages. First, with the help of liposuction performed on the parts of the body most predisposed to obesity: the waist, sides of the waist, thighs, and abdomen. Liposuction of the waist gives the most dramatic effect of accentuating beautifully shaped buttocks. The collected fat is cleaned and prepared to be injected back into the body.

In the second stage, hundreds of tiny injections of your own cleaned fat are injected into the muscle layer, the skin, and deep layer between the skin and muscle. In order to ensure a uniform application, these fat deposits are injected at various injection depths in the body. This method gives a beautiful shape, the effect of which lasts a long time. Implants are usually recommended for patients who have an inadequate supply of their own fat to increase the mold by means of fat injections.

Buttock implants, or butt implants, is a popular plastic surgery. They are made of soft silicone and individually matched in size and shape. They are placed far away from the important nerve and bone area upon which you sit. With buttock implants, the buttocks become more circular and tight. The entire procedure takes about 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia.